Will Excercise Minimize the Apperance of Old Stretch Marks?

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No Exercise will not help

Stretch marks (striae distensae)  develop when there is a breakdown in the collagen and elastin of the dermis. They are caused both by the increase in cortisone ( such as during pregnancy and Cushing's Disease) and the physical stretching of the collagen-elastin framework.

  Stretch marks behave like scars. Like scars they start out as red and inflamed. Gradually the redness fades and one is left with an dull white-violaceous color. So it is with striae which begin life with a red hue ( Striae Rubra) and then fade, sometimes entirely if you are lucky. Since scars and stretch marks both lose their redness, studies must be read with circumspection. 

   I could not find any studies in regards to stretch marks and striae. I can not think of a physiologic reason that the disruption of collagen and elastin could be remedied by exercise. 

   Sorry, exercise is good for many, many things, but I doubt whether repairing stretch marks is one of them.

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