Retin-A vs. Differin for Wrinkles and Skin Damage

I was wondering if differin can help wrinkles and skin damage as well as retin a . I have tried to use retin a but it is too strong for my skin but it tolerates differin well. Am I wasting my time using differin? Also I have had some collagen loss in my chin area from a vbeam treatment done at to high levels which also caused blistering and scars. Is there anything besides fillers that may help get my collagen back? it has been a year since the incident.

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Differin will help wrinkles and skin damage

Like Retin-A, Differin falls into a class of medicines called retinoids.  There is only one published study that evaluates Differin's effects on pre-cancerous lesions called actinic keratoses, sun spots called lentigines, and wrinkles.  All 3 improved in patients treated with Differin.

Regarding your question about collagen loss on your chin, fillers may be your only option, but a dermatologist or other aesthetic practitioner would have to look at it to give you more information.

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