Removing Small Dark Liposuction Scars?

I had lipo on my abs/muffin top 14 months ago. I have three incisions that are about half an inch long and 1/4 an inch wide. They're barely raised, but darker than the surrounding skin and stand out. The doctor said they'll fade in time, but I'd pay ~$500 to get this faster. Lasers? Dermabrasion? I am an easy-scarer, somewhat Mediterranean skin-tone prone to hyperpigmentation. Accelerating the lightening process is my main interest with these scars, but a touch of flattening would be nice, too.

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Surgical scarring and scar widening

Without photos or more details no-one can tell you what would be best. The scars sound wide and if the initial incisions were allowed to heal on their own without sutures your best bet would be to cut out the scars and suture the resulting wounds in order to end up with narrower scars. If they were initially sutured it is unlikely that repeating the process would give you a different result.

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