Is a Fixed Surgery Price Possible?

is it possible to offer a fixed price for a surgery? i might have found a doctor but it does seem strange.

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Fixed prices?

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Most offices work on a fixed rate for most procedures.  In other words a standard breast augmentation is one fee while an augmentation with a lift is another.

Fixed fees: Same price for liposuction on a 300lb vs a 120lb individual?

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As discussed below fixed prices are generally the norm. However, you have to be reasonable. You can't expect a surgeon to charge the same for abdominal liposuction on a 300 lb individual as they would on a 120lb individual. The bottom line is you are paying for the surgeon's time and possibly technology in addition to the facility and anesthesia fees. Costs are not a good tool to select a surgeon.

"Fixed Price" Cosmetic Surgery

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The vast majority of American Plastic surgeons DO charge a set fee for their procedures. Those who own their own surgical suites can also control other charges such as facility and anesthesia while those operating in hospitals and same day surgery suites do not. If the procedures  last longer in those facilities, the cost would go up. Either way you will know how much your procedure(s) would cost before having them.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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Fixed prices for plastic surgery

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Thanks for your question -

In our San Francisco area practice we always offer our patient a "fixed price".  We believe that patients shouldn't be worried about being quoted one price and then after the surgery finding that there are additional costs.

I hope this helps.

Fixed prices for cosmetic surgery

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Most plastic surgeons have fixed prices for different procedures.  You pay in full up front and the entire process is covered.

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