I've got dark spots which were caused by acne..please take a look at my pics and advise. (photos)

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Treating dark spots in Black Skin

I would recommend a combination of bleaching creams, and topical Retin-A to best treat these dark spots.  If you combine these creams with chemical peels you will have the best results.  Avoid lasers since this can make your dark marks worse. Best, Dr. Green

New York Dermatologist
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Peel q switched yag

First control the acne outbreaks with change in diet -no sugars, addition of zinc, and topical medications such as adapalene or tretinoin. A chemical peel vi peel can be effective in lightening dark post acne marks in any color of skin.

Morris Westfried, MD
Long Island Dermatologic Surgeon
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Lasers and light chemical peels for dark acne scars

I would use a combination of Clear + Brilliant laser, light chemical peels, Ematrix RF, and Melarase creams to help with your pigmentation. 

Dr. Karamanoukian 
Los Angeles

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Prevent, protect, repair

Prevent acne outbreaks - see a dermatologist for advice. Secondly, protect from UV, using sunscreen as this will darken scars. Repair. I like the picosecond lasers such as the Picosure or the Picoway, the Revlite or C6 in the 1064 low fluence setting works well. 

All the best

Dr Davin Lim 
Laser and aesthetic dermatologist

Davin Lim, MBBS, FACD
Brisbane Dermatologist
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