Photofacial and Laser Treatments Within Same Week?

I'm thinking about doing both Photofacial (for redness and sun damage) and Laser treatments (such as Alluma or IR) for tightening as complementary treatments. Can they be done in the same week? If so, how often and in what order?

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Two weeks between different Laser Treatments

We suggest to our patients that are having multiple laser treatments for different conditions that they wait at least two weeks between treatments. During laser treatment, the skin tissue is injured in some way (this is what creates a change) and allowing the skin time to heal properly after a laser treatment is prudent before performing another different laser treatment.

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You can, but it might be best to wait a week in between treatments.

Thank you for your question.

While IPL targets the surface and deep IR / Alluma / tightening lasers focus on the second layer, it is wise to wait at least a week in between treatments. Each treatment generates heat and causes some degree of inflammation - while there is little clinical reason to worry about generating this much inflammation in a short period of time from these procedures, it is possible that you could get excess inflammation, redness, and potential hyperpigmentation should the envelope be pushed too far. To protect against this, wait at lease a week in between and you should be fine.

Hope this helps!

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