What is the Optimal Skin Care Regimen MDs Recommend for Young Women?

Hello, I'm wondering what's the optimal skin care routine for light/medium skin tone women in late 20s both to address the minor imperfections we face around this age & to prevent further aging of skin. I'm hoping for detailed recommendations (aside from advice about sun, smoking, hydration & fillers). What is the best brand? What specific products (scrubs etc) are needed? Are med spa tx indicated & how often? What exactly should we be doing for our skin at this stage? Thanks!

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Skin care for women in their 20's

There are unfortunately no miracles out there.  In my opinion, you need, guess what, sun protection, sun avoidance, a topical retinoid (twice a week at night time if you have dry skin, nightly if you have oily skin) and that is just about it.

There are tons of skin care lines and labels out there.  What the best brand is depends on the individual needs of the person, but for a woman in her 20s what I listed above is fine.  If there was one perfect solution, there would not be so many different brands out there.

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