Can You Get Refund If You Didn't Get the Results You Wanted from Plastic Surgery?

I got an endoscopic eyebrow lift along with Rhinoplasty. My eyebrows look the exact same. And I dislike my tip from my nose job as he turned it down and refined it too much that I look like a cabbage patch doll. My surg cost over $12,000 Canadian and I paid him in FULL! I spent 3 years working straight to pay for this myself. I regret it. I just paid for pain and scars. My surg was last October. Can I get a few thousand back at least? What do I do? My surg was done in Toronto, Ontario.

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Surgery did not meet expectations

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You should discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon.  As a plastic surgeon we work to please our patients and will bend over backwards if the procedure does not turn out as expected.  Go over your pre and post operative photos with your surgeon and determine if he has any suggestions to improve your result.  

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Can You Get Refund If You Didn't Get the Results You Wanted from Plastic Surgery?

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Cosmetic surgeries are usually not refundable since the final outcome  cant be predicted in full and it is also a subjective matter  . But your surgeon will listen to your complains and will find a way of doing revisions as needed in order to achieve more satisfactory results whenever possible .  

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Refund after Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

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In most cases, refunds are not given. However, on a case-by-case basis, some surgeons will work with their patients to achieve an improved result if the first result was not what was expected after a procedure. You may want to meet with your original surgeon and discuss your concerns. Perhaps if a refund is not possible, a revision may be offered. Good Luck.

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Plastic Surgery Refunds

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Plastic surgery is not like a retail product. It can not be returned or given back if the result is not as expected. There are no pre-surgical guarantees as to results. You should take your concerns to your surgeon and see if some type of revision is in order that may take you closer to your initial goals. Many plastic surgeons do revisions at minimal to no cost if they had done the initial surgery.

Refunds after cosmetic surgery

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Typically not.  There are perceived implications in giving a refund.  The surgery was completed although not to your satisfaction.  I think it is more likely to work out an acceptable arrangement for a revision.



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