Treating Wrinkles on the Inner Eyes by the Nose?

I'm 47 year old male. I have recently seen excessive wrinkling in the inner corners of eyes by the nose. I do suffer from Edema in ankles for 2 years.

How can I stop the wrinkling? My regular MD gave me antibiotic steroids drops. It does not work. Any clue to what's causing the wrinkling?

We all have crows feet on the outside of eyes. I have them in the inner eye area by the nose. Could it be from a disease, as I do suffer from edema and heart disease? Will surgery be needed? Please help? Thanks DR's.

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Inner eyelid wrinkling: Side effect of aging or symptomatic of heart disease?

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Without seeing a photo of your inner eyelid wrinkling, I cannot make a definitive diagnosis. The skin around the eyelids is the thinnest in the body, so it is subject to more pronounced changes with age. Think of the eyelids like shutters, which open and close more than 100 times, daily. Superimpose on that, regular wear and tear of aging, allergies, sleep deprivation, excessive salt intake and the function of the underlying muscles. Now you can start to appreciate how fine lines can start to form. You've also given a history of coronary artery disease with peripheral edema (i.e. ankle swelling). As the heart fails, "fluid back up" may cause difficulty breathing as well as puffiness of the face.

I don't think that steroid drops will help and may even hurt, as prolonged steroid may actually cause thinning of the intrinsically thin skin. Steroids can be helpful for a short term indication, but not for long term use. Just be careful about what you apply around the periorbital skin. Good luck.

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