Skin Tissue Expansion + Flap to Replace a 5-month Old Axillary/chest Skin Graft?

I suffered an injury following an RTA & had to have a 4"x5" skin graft on my right axilla/chest region. I am not happy with the graft results in terms of both form/function. The graft was not splinted post-op & i ended up with skin folds & tightness when abducting. I'd like opinions as to whether goin for a skin expansion + flap would be feasible & whether that would provide better aesthetic & function restoration results. I am a 30 year-old healthy athletic male.

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Improving The Appearance of An Axillary/Chest Skin Graft

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It would be critically important to see photographs of the scarred chest region, both with the arm at rest and abducted, to give a more accurate opinion. Your description of the skin graft appearance is very common and probably has little to do with whether it was splinted or not. Whether tissue expansion (which works best when pushing off a bone surface) can create enough normal skin to allow the skin graft to be excised without a lot of surrounding distortion is a reasonable question. But whether it can actually achieve that and whether the results are worth the effort awaits pictorial analysis.

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