How to get rid of acne marks? Any home remedies to remove these spots?

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Getting rid of acne marks

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To get rid off acne marks you can pply topical creams with glycolic acid,arbutin,kojic acid,niacinamide,vit E,l-ascorbic acid etc will help.
Treatments like chemical peels,lasers will also help in getting rid of marks faster.
Home remedies like tomato,carrot,papaya pastes also help in getting rid of acne marks.

How to remove acne marks

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It is common to get red and brown marks after an acne break out. These can be improved by
1. Preventing the acne breakouts with great acne treatment program from your dermatologist
2. Sun screen and a hat and sun avoidance
3. Chemical peels
4. Laser or intense pulsed light therapy
5. Prescription creams such as retin a or finacea/azelex

Rebecca Baxt, MD
Paramus Dermatologic Surgeon
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