Deep FX or Fraxel Repair for Eye Area?

I want to the most extreme laser for the crows feet and eyelid area, I have had Deep FX and Fraxel Reapir suggested to me for making collagen and tightening wrinkles/sagging in the eyes area. Which is better for sagging and wrinkles? I am not worried about removing brown spots, only aging. Thanks so much!

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Options for Wrinkling/Sagging Around Eyes.

Hello.  While we do not have a picture of you, our recommendations for wrinkling around the eyes and sagging eyelids do not usually involve laser treatments.  They usually involve injection procedures (specifically for the crow's feet) and surgery (upper lids).


Because the wrinkles around the crow's feet are caused by muscle contraction, they will most likely be very visible even after the laser procedures.  In addition, because excess eyelid skin is not easily addressed with lasers, you are better off with a surgical procedure (blepharoplasty).


If you would like to speak more about these treatments, we are also in the Los Angeles area (see link below).

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