Does Bulimia Cause Anemia? Is It Absolutely Necessary to Disclose This?

My pre-op bloodwork showed that I am anemic. I am having a second surgery in a couple weeks. I have not disclosed to my surgeons that I am bulimic. I am really embarrassed and don't know if I can actually tell them. I don't do it a lot (sometimes 3x/day, sometimes none-like when my husband is home from work). I made it through the first lengthy surgery (9 hrs) and this one is only going to be 2 hrs. Does bulimia cause anemia? All the other tests were fine, so do I really have to tell them?

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Bulimia, Anemia and Plastic Surgery

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Bulimia can cause alot more than anemia and it can result in potentially life threatening situations that are either related to electrolyte abnormaities or diminished threshold for vomiting and subseqent regurgutation. You are not doing yourself a favor by witholding this information and I would encourage you to discuss this with your surgeon.

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