What to Do for Severe Itching After Breast Reduction Surgery?

I had BR surgery 11 days ago and have been suffering from extreme itching for the last couple of days. My incisions look to be healing very nice. Most of the steri strips have come off underneath my breasts and it is red and bumpy where the tape strips were however, that is not the only areas that itch. Nothing appears to be infected. Could it be I have just developed a reaction to the adhesive? I have been taking benadryl (oral) every 4-6 hours which helps some. Anything else I could try?

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Allergy To Adhesice Possible

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Your history suggests an allergic reaction to either the steristrips or adhesive agents.The redness and vesicles that you describe are commonly seen with hypersensitivity to topical agents.This is frequently accompanied by itching as well.
Under these circumstances, it’s important to contact your plastic surgeon.Your surgeon will most likely treat the area with topical steroids and continue the Benadryl.In most cases this leads to rapid resolution of the problem.

Severe Itching after Breast Reduction?

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I would suggest that you address your concerns with your plastic surgeon. It is  possible you have had an allergic reaction to tape and/or medications. If this is the case, based on physical examination, the use of a  oral steroids may be helpful to you. Again, your plastic surgeon will be the best position to advise you.

Best wishes.

Itching after reduction surgery

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I agree with the previous posts and would add that topical steroid cream may also help.  If you keep the area dry, it may also decrease the itching.  Discuss this with your surgeon.

Leonard T. Yu, MD
Maui Plastic Surgeon

Apparent rash at incision

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Sounds like you are developing a skin allergy to the adhesive that is used to help keep Steri Strips on.  This can get really bad, so you may need a steroid shot, or a dose pack of medrol.

Benedrryl may help but make you sleepy.


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