Will Glyquin XM Work on Acne Scars?

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Glyquin, Hydroquinone, Solaquin, Obagi for melasma, hyperpigmentation, and acne scars

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Acne scars are a general term used to describe pigmentation, contour irregularities, pits, or scarred skin resulting directly from acne and inflammation. The treatment depends directly on the type of scar. Scars can have any of the above-mentioned components.

Glyquin or other hydroquinones work well to eliminate pigmentation as a result of acne and inflammation. The product does not reach the deeper skin layers and is thus not effective in reducing or improving contour irregularities and deep pits.

Glyquin will have little effect on acne scarring

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Acne scars are very difficult to treat to the satisfaction of the patient. If you ask most people with acne scars, they formed at a very impressionable time in their life and caused great psychological pain. What they want is to have these scars and their associated bad memories to be erased. This is just not possible in most cases even with aggressive laser treatments etc. Glyquin might lighten the skin a little but will have very little other effect.

Glyquin XM on acne scars

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Hi- Bleaching and exfoliating lotions like the one you mention will often provide improvement in any temporarily dark acne scars, but should not be expected to provide much, if any improvement in deeper, pitted or ice-pick type scars. For deeper scars, and for more significant restoration of skin color and texture, it's best to consider a laser resurfacing treatment with any of the fine lasers available now like the MIXTO SX, the DEEP FX, or the Fraxel Repair.

Acne scar creams don't work

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Acne scars are the result of long term inflammation. They often involve pigment changes set deep within scar tissue. Creams don't offer much help for these issues as they do not penetrate deeply enough.

John P. Di Saia, MD
Orange Plastic Surgeon

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