How soon can I wear my full-face CPAP mask after facial fat grfting?

I am a 59 year-old woman with moderate sleep apnea and wear a full-face mask every night.I am fair and  of nomal weight, I would like to know how soon I can wear the mask after facial fat grafting.How long does it take for the fat to "stabilize" in the face? Could wearing a CPAP mask contribute to the droopiness of my face?   Thank-you  

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How long to waite befor using CPAP mask after Fat Transfer

If it’s possible you should wait for at least 8-12 weeks before placing the CPAP mask on. Waiting longer like three months would be ideal. However sleep is important as well.

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Two months would be ideal

If you can wait 2 months, it would be ideal. Obviously, it depends on where your surgeon is placing the fat and where the CPAP is applying pressure, and what kind of CPAP you use.

Some machines only go inside the nostrils, which wouldn't affect the fat grafting at all.
I would take the machine in to your surgeon and show him.

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CPAP Mask following facial fat transfer

There is no set answer for your question and to some degree depends on how tight your CPAP mask is against your skin to have a good seal. My intuition would be to wait 4-6 wks if your sleep apnea specialist thinks this is safe. After that time period your fat that has survived should theoretically be stable

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Fat grafting for the face

Fat grafting is an incredibly sensitive procedure where fat from other parts of your body (abdomen, flank, inner thigh, etc) is harvested and transferred to the face with fine cannulas. It depends on the fat being handled delicately and placed in the correct depth and location in order for the fat cells to survive. The results can be spectacular when performed correctly.

Pressure on the area of the grafting (from a CPAP mask) could potentially compromise the blood supply to the newly transplanted fat cells. I would recommend avoiding wearing a mask for at least four weeks if that is possible. This would need to be carefully considered with your sleep medicine specialist and your cosmetic surgeon in order to ensure that this would be safe for you.

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Dr. Jamil Asaria, FACE Toronto

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