Best laser treatment for Keloid and/or Hypertrophic scarring? (photos)

I have had these scars for over a decade. Some doctors have referred to my scars as Keloids while others have said Hypertrophic scars. Besides being unsightly they cause pain and extreme itchiness. I'd like to get laser treatment done or use locoid cream again? There are so many different lasers out there, which one would help my scars? Any other advice is greatly appreciated.

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Lasers and/or Radiation for Keloids/Hypertrophic Scars...

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Thank you for your question.  These appear to be hypertrophic scars to me and would benefit from intralesional injections of Kenalog or 5FU to flatten them and help with the itching.  For laser treatment a laser like the Excel V 532 KTP or the V Beam Pulsed Dye will take the red out.  If any of them are keloids the best option may be to excise the scar tissue and 24 hours after excision irradiate the scar with superficial Xrays like with the Sensus SRT-100 for 3 days straight.  SRT has an almost 99% rate of nonreccurence on keloids.  Regards, Dr. Matt Elias

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