Treat Scar for 7 Years Girl with 10 Stitches on Her Forehead 3 Years Ago and 3 Stitches Last Week?

I really need your help, My daughter had 10 stitches on her forehead 3 years ago which left a scar, and last week she had another accident and she had to have 3 stitches on her forehead again... How to treat these scars,, it is so hard to have that much scars on her forehead.....

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The orientation of the scar will determine the final result. Transverse scars on the forehead typically will do the best. Sometimes scar revisions are necessary

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Fraxel lasers will help healing/scarring

Best to treat early with fractionated laser (Fraxel Restore or Repair), maybe 3-5 treatments. Old scars can also be helped, but sometimes best results are to treat as early as one week.

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