What is the best option to treat pitted scars, acne marks and discoloration for South Asian skin tone? (Photo)

I have wheatish skin tone. I have acne marks, some pitted scars and hyperpigmentation. My derm gave me hydroquinone4% to use on acne marks. I used it for 4 weeks and had a bad reaction to it.Every where I used hydroquinone, it turned bright red and I start noticing pitted scars. I want to do laser resurfacing to fix my problems. But I heard that laser resurfacing is not good for my skin tone. Plus, its not good if the skin gets easily scarred which I believe happened to me after using HQ

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Pitted Scars and Asian Skin

You asked a very good question.  If your skin easily hyper-pigments you may not be a good candidate for Fraxel.  From the photo it appears that your skin is light so you may be able to tolerate the Fraxel for scars on the 1550 setting.  The other excellent alternative is the eMatrix.  The eMatrix is "color blind" so it can be used on all skin types.  The eMatrix works extremely well on acne scars.  For the best cosmetic results I would contact a board certified dermatologist with a great deal of experience with these lasers.

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