Surgeon in or near Chattanoga, TN who can perform bilateral mastectomy and leave a flat chest? (photo)

I'm looking for a surgeon who can perform a bilateral mastectomy and leave a flat chest. Many mastectomy photos online seem to have large remaining "lumps" (spared skin? fat? I don't know what it is). Attached example, top row is more like what I'm looking for (flat) bottom row is what I want to avoid. Thanks.

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Bilateral mastectomies

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can be done by any plastic surgeon. But what are your reasons for having this done? If its for cancer, you should be seeing a breast surgeon and express your concerns to him/her so they can do their best to meet your desires. If its for preventing disease, then plastic surgeons can do this and leave a better result (or be able to fix a less then desirable result) leaving a little more fatty tissue behind and not doing your mastectomy as if you had cancer as the breast surgeons can get carried away sometimes.

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