Sciton Microlaser Peel and Profractional Treatments for Ice Pick Acne Scars?

I've visited 3 doctors and below are my options for my icepick scars on cheeks:

1. Cosmetic surgeon:Dermabrasion ($3500), he advised to expect 50percent better.

2. Cosmetic surgeon 2:CO2 laser($4000), he's very optimistic with the result.

3. A physician who practices lasers: MLP and Profactional treatments(3 treatments for $1800). He said this treatment will remove the scars. It is the best option for me in terms of cost effective, downtime.

Please help me on making the right decision. Thanks

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Ice pick scars

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All these different modalities of treatment may improve your ice pick scars, but may not completely eradicate them.

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