Risks of Mandible Implant Removal

I had a mandible implant done 15 months ago and I feel that my profile has not improved and I've compromised the way I look from the front view. I wish to have the implant removed, will there be any problems with doing so?

will my skin sag or my natural mandible look uneven? I am really scared to take it out because I heard that there might be a pocket left. Is that very common? what are the risks of taking it out? thank you very much

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Sequelae of removing facial implants

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These are questions you need to go over with your surgeon and areas that should have been covered during the informed consent process before surgery. Certainly you can not go back in time to exactly the way you were before the implants were placed. This is true for any implant-breast, facial etc. What happens after removal depends on what type of implant you have (texttured, porous, incorporated etc.), how it is removed and if any surgical modalities to resuspend soft tissues are employed or required.

Because these implants are placed over the bone and under the muscle there is a separation of muscle from bone when they are placed or removed. Proper bandaging after surgery can help significantly with the reattachment of muscle to bone when the implants are removed and to the implant/implant capsule when they are placed.

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Removal of mandible implants

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This may depend on the size and compositon of the implant. In general, moderate sized smooth surfaced implants can be removed and the skin, in a young individual in whom the implant has been in for a short time, will contract with few problems. However larger textured surface implants may be more difficult to remove and the skin, in an older individual in whom the implants have be placed for a long time, may demonstrate difficulty with skin contraction.

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