Plastic Surgery to Achieve Ideal Weight?

I turned 18 in july, and I've been overweight since I can remember. I've tried too many diets to count and they haven't worked for me. I'm 5'10" and about 290 lbs. I have a bigger build. Broad shoulders and wide hips, so I think I will always need to be at least a little over the ideal weight for my height. I need to do something, and I really need some advice. Is plastic surgery for me? If so, what surgeries do you think would be necessary, and how much do you think it would cost? Thank you so much.

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Overweight and plastic surgery

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In considering weight loss, you should consider more than the aesthetic benefits. At your weight you are at greater overall risk of cardiac disease, diabetes, osteoarthritis, etc.

At 5'10'' your IBW is estimated to be 155lbs and given a large frame (ectomorph) you may could be 180 lbs at the upper limits. At 290 your are at significant risk for complications.

If all else has failed, you may want to consider endocrinologic evaluation and possibly bariatric surgery. I would advise you to seek referrals from your primary care physician.

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