A Good Deal for Photofacial and Microdermabrasion?

Is this a good deal - 6 Photofacial sessions + 6 microderm alternated? The quote I got: 6 fotofacial + 6 microderm sessions for $2200. Does it sound like good offer or a rip-off?

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Pricing for cosmetic procedures

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I have seen far too many burns and other bad results for which I do a fair bit of medicolegal work. There are 2 main aspects to treatment: cost and results. Almost all of the problems I have seen in my clinic stem from people wanting to save money and getting inexperienced persons/clinics using inferior or dangerous technology to treat their skin. It can cost you much more in money and heartache to repair bad work, so check the credentials of the clinic or person providing treatment, and check with close friends who you trust for their recommendations.

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