I have acne on my forehead and it leaves behind dark scars, What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

Hello. I have been getting acne on my forehead and even if I don't touch the pimple, it leaves a small black mark behind. How can I get rid of the black mark ? I'm 15 but the acne is developing, ALSo I have noticed that there are black things in some of acne. Maybe it's a blackhead . Probably . But are there any home remedies I can do to help the black mars or over the counter products ? Or even tea tree oil? Thank you :)

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Pigmentation from Acne

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It is best for you to see a Board Certified Dermatologist.

Once you have a seen a Dermatologist they can prescribe medication that will improve your break outs so that you don’t continue to make pigmentation from acne. It is possible that the medication can also improve the pigmentation already on your skin.

It’s important not to touch our pick at your skin because you can make your scarring worse and you can also cause an infection.

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Acne marks

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I am sorry to hear that you are getting marks from your acne.  I would try to find an over the counter bleaching cream for the dark marks from your old acne.  New acne (blackheads) can be treated with a combination of mild exfoliating creams and acne pads.  Some patients have found that tea tree oil helps control the acne as well.

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