I am in normal shape, but I have belly and chest fat what should i do to lose it fast?

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Body sculpting

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The question here really is not about weight loss but body sculpting. You are happy with your weight/ shape but have localised fat that won't go away. Usually this fat will tend to be under the skin instead of visceral, so further dieting or weight loss pills may not help.

Liposuction is definitely a good way to lose this fat quickly and with Hi-def VASER liposuction  you can even be sculpted to show your abs.

London Physician

Belly and chest fat

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When you say you're in "normal shape" I'm assuming you have "normal" weight. In that case, stubborn areas of fat can be reduced significantly with Liposuction and tightened with SmartLipo. Find out more on the link below.

Losing Belly and Chest Fat

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Hi and Thanks for your question. The only way to truly lose fat is by decreasing calories and increasing exercise. The trick is how to do this and make it last. It is very difficult and not very effective to lose fat quickly. Often times the combination of foods and exercise are not right for you and this is why you don't see results quickly. It is important to remove all processed food, cookies, cakes, crackers, bagels and heavy sauces from the diet. Add good fats like avocados. Add protein with each meal and don't go out to eat. Stop alcohol. The exercise should contain cardiovascular exercise and weight training. Then add 2 other things to make it a winning combination: SculpSure and the Isagenix cleanse. SculpSure is a laser that will remove up to 24% of subcutaneous fat from almost any body part with no down time and in as little as 25 minutes. Isagenix consists of a natural cleansing and food program that can potentially help you to shed up to 20 lbs in the first month. Good luck. You can do it! Dr. Eros

Christine Eros, MD
San Diego Family Physician
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