My Stitches Keep Bursting?

i dropped a wine glass on my foot 5 weeks ago and the wound would not heal i had stitches first they poped so dr said to pack it and let it heal inside out but this did not work so then he said to just leave it open and let the air get to it which did not work then i went to see a outhopidic surgen who did exploratie surgery it was stitched up and last night my stitches burst so went to hospital and had new ones put in now they are starting to pull through my skin what do i do ???

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Reducing tension on a cut on the foot

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You may have too much tension on the wound and may require a splint after the repair to reduce tension. Raffy Karamanoukian, Los Angeles

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Wound dehiscence

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Thank you for your question.

Burst stitches (wound dehiscence) can happen if too much tension applied to bring wounds closer or infection of the wound. Poor suturing material choice also can be a problem. Once wound got reopened it can be left open to heal with secondary intention with less cosmetically acceptable scars. Sometimes if there is no injection and wound is reasonably fresh re-suturing might be attempted with or without wound debridement. If tissue defect is too large skin grafting might be attempted.

Careful dressing to avoid infection seems to be the best option if it keeps re-opening.

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