Rolling Scars Under Jaw-line on Neck Post Cystic-acne. How Should I Treat It? (photo)

I dealt with cystic acne on the sides of my neck for a while, and now that it is gone, I have a "rolling" type mark/scar left just under my jaw-line on the very side of my neck where I had it the worst. The scar spot "indents" a few times as visible in the pictures. What would be the best way to go about treating this? Could Excision be used? Or would some sort of laser surgery be recommended? Thank you for your help.

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Rolling Scars on Neck

These scars will be greatly improved with injectable filler. In our practice, we use liquid injectable silicone for acne scarring as it is very precise and permanent. Laser and excision are not necessary or helpful for these type of scars. Click on the link below to view before and after photos of different types of acne scars treated with injectable silicone. 

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Rolling Neck Scars How to Treat: Multi Layered Approach will help tremendously

I would approach your scars not just from the top but from deep within and combine the treatments. co2 laser resurfacing is part of this multi layered approach. You need to be conservative in the neck area and jawline area though. Your scars can be markedly improved though.

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There is a few different options for patients with acne scars. You can do Laser's there is Profractional Laser, Micro laser peel or even a mini face lift to stretch the skin out. It all depends how much improvement you are looking for. You need to see a PS to go over your options. You should read about the procedure I mentioned and do some research to see what would benefit you the best.

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