Best Laser Treatment to Remove Surgical White Scaring

white scaring behind both ears was due to face lift as i have lost a few pounds scaring seems to have become more visible.what treatment would be best to remove white scaring if laser could you recommend best one. regards

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Scar revision

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Your scars are visible mostly because they have lost all of their pigmentation. Excimer laser or dermal needling (a tattoo like needling of the skin without tattoo pigment) may stimulate pigment cells to migrate into the scar from adjacent non-scarred skin. A more expensive approach would abrading the surface of the scar and spraying pigment cells harvested from elsewhere on the body onto the surface of the wound. The cheapest approach is camouflage make up.

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Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Fractional lasers are best for white scars

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Fractional resurfacing will help the scars blend in with the normal skin around it.  Furthermore, there have been some small studies that demonstrated the use of Latisse following a fractional laser therapy to help return the color back to the scar.  Experimental, but safe.  These are all considerations with no guarantees, but I feel is more predictable and safer than re-excision.

Daniel I. Wasserman, MD
Naples Dermatologic Surgeon

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