Is Hair Loss Normal After Having Cosmetic Surgery?

I had an upper and lower eyelid lift under deep sedation(not general anesthesia) in June of this year. I love my results!! However, about a month later I noticed my hair felt dry and brittle and when I washed it, it seemed a lot would come out. Things seemed to calm down, but then in late August until now, it has only gotten worse. I have(had) really thick naturally curly hair. I have never been able to see my scalp at all and now it seems I am seeing more and more of it, and I am getting really stressed. I have had blood work and everything is normal.

I am just curious if anyone else has experienced hair loss after cosmetic surgery? My plastic surgeon told me it is more common with general anesthesia, than with deep sedation. My GP thinks it is from stress and that it will grow back once I go through the "cycle". Thanks for any suggestions and comments.

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Hair loss is not from eyelid surgery

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The only possible link I can imagine between your eyelid surgery and hair loss would be stress. People can lose hair for a wide variety of reasons and you should go to a dermatologist to evaluate your personal situation. Also, have your serum iron and zinc levels checked because these can frequently be an undiagnosed cause of hair loss.

Your GP may be right

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There are many reasons for hair loss and stress is one of them. Although you did not have a general anesthesia, any type of surgical procedure produces a stress response from the body. At times, this response can lead to hair 'falling out' and becoming dormant, the telogen phase of the hair cycle. With time, hair reenters the growth cycle and will be seen again. Unfortunately there are other causes of hair loss which may be unrelated to your procedure which do not come back. Laboratory testing, especially for thyroid disorders can be helpful. In females more than males, medical causes of hair loss if corrected can lead to hair regrowth.

D.J. Verret, MD
Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon

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