Weight loss recommendation for pregnant woman? I am pregnant since last 2 months, my weight is 74 kg.

Hi my name is Rashmi and i am pregnant since last 2 months my weight is 74 kg i wanted to know should i use slimming belt because my husband using it since last 3 months and he has got very good results. after researching on internet i found an article about sweat slim belt they have't mentioned that its not good for people who are facing any medical issues. Please suggest me any alternative option for weight loss.

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Weight loss during pregnancy

Since you are pregnant you should not be trying to lose weight,but should concentrate on eating a healthy diet to feed your baby appropriately. Pregnant ladies need about 300 calories extra a day. This should be the healthiest time in your life.  Walk daily and eat a diet full of fruits, veggies and protein. Avoid excess breads, sweets and fats. Remember that your nutrition will directly affect your pregnancy. Your are helping to grow your baby's brain. I would not recommend a slimming belt or any other method of weight loss. Good luck. 

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