Does Hydroquinone Really Cause Cancer?

Does hydroquinone really cause cancer?

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If you're a rat and get high doses internally...yes...but if you're a human and use the

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standard preparations, then it seems safe...out of an abundance of caution the FDA decided to consider the safety of hydroquinone again about 6 years ago and hasn't found any reason to ban the product...and of course the track record speaks to a very safe product...some European/Asian countries have banned the preparation...some suggestion exists that there may be problems especially when compounded at pharmacies in higher concentrations than the approved 4% level...would I use it...sure...just like millions of other satisfied consumers...

Las Vegas Dermatologist


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Dermatologists have prescribed this agent for  years to decrease hyperpigmentation and have not been impressed that it causes cancer. Further testing should be performed.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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