I'm 21 with Aging Around the Eye? (photo)

I have fine horizontal lines,

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Aging of the Eye

How one ages around the eye really depends on genetics and sun exposure.  Even at 21, some individuals show puffiness and wrinkling.  I agree with the recommendations of strict sun avoidance and topical RetinA (tretinoin).  However, RetinA can be irritating so use it sparingly around the eye.  I also would recommend a very hydrating eye cream as dry skin tends to show fine lines more. If there are wrinkles when you smile (crows feet) that extend under the eye, they will benefit from Botox injections (difficult to tell from the picture). 



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Aging around the eyes

Aging around the eyes is normal even at 21 years of age. The best preventive measure is sunscreen and some retin-A. Treatments such as Botox may help reduce crows feet.

Steven Hacker, MD
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