Today I'm going off minocycline for acne and I've made an appointment for a fraxel laser treatment in a month, is it an issue?

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Fraxel laser and minocycline

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Having been on minocycline will not affect your Fraxel laser treatment.  Occasionally patients will have a flare in their acne after Fraxel laser treatments and may require short term antibiotics.  The main problem is sun exposure so it is very important for you to avoid the sun after your Fraxel treatment.

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Minocin and Acne NYC with Fraxel Laser

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Fraxel laser is a fantastic laser and the mincing is not an issue.  However, the main problem is the sun.  Both Fraxel and Minocin make your skin photosensitive and you must completely avoid the sun.  It is generally not the best time of the year in July or August to have this procedure.  Please consult with an expert.  Best, Dr. Green

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