Which acne laser(s) do you recommend to treat these scars/active acne on chest? (Photo)

Very mild until after children and became far worse between 30-32 y.o. Too embarrassed to show in person. More embarrassed of my obsessive picking actually, which has created scars. One round accutane, retinA, and wayyy too much doxy, birth control already attempted. Accutane worked everywhere but here:/. Willing to pay for procedures, seems with research however certain offices have certain lasers and I don't want to hop to ten different consultations.

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Consider Radio Frequency (RF)

Thanks for your question.  We've had excellent results with the use of Fractionated Radio Frequency.  There are a couple of these on the market including Fractora and Infini.  Good luck.

College Station Internist

Acne scars

This is a common concern for many people. Ideally before starting laser treatment it is important to have the acne under control (as well as to stop picking).  Fraxel or fractional resurfacing lasers can be used to improve the appearance of the scars and blend with the surrounding skin.  It can require several treatments over the course of several months. For raised or thickened scars, intralesional injections can help to smooth it out.

Jennifer Chwalek, MD
New York Dermatologist
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