Discolouration on Rhinplasty Incision, How To Treat? (photo)

Hi, I did an open rhinoplasty surgery two months ago and i noticed there is discoloration on my incision. The discoloration is pretty obvious as my skin tone is quite fair. Is there anything i can do about it? Is it possible to do an IPL to remove the discoloration? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Discoloration of Rhinoplasty Incision

The appearance of your columellar incision will improve over the next 6 months. There are several scar gells containing steroids which can be applied to the healing wound. Ask your surgeon for recommendations.

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Skin darkening after surgery


I would start with what's called Klingman's formula or solution.  This is one part topical steroid, one part 0.1% retin-A, and one part 4% or 5% hydroquinone. 

The steroid helps with inflammation which can add to the darkening color.

The retin-A thins the skin surface just slightly (it's usually used for fine wrinkles and acne scars) and allows the hydroquinone to work

The hydroquinone (most important) suppresses melanin (pigment) production by melanocytes and will help reduce the color change.

Be patient.  This could take months and if it irritates the skin at first use it every other day or every third day instead of daily.

Best of luck.  You'll do well but be patient.

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