How do I get rid of these dark, dry, patchy spots on my chin. (photos)

I woke up a few days ago and noticed these weird small, light red bumps on my chin. they weren't puss filled and my sister said that it looked like something bit me, I iced them and out toothpaste on them to reduce redness and swelling. two of them were a bit painful when I touched them but the size did go down and 2 of them formed white heads. I popped one when it was ready with a clean needle and I washed and exfoliated my face but then I got a bunch of dark marks and dry spots around my chin.

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Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation after Acne Outbreaks

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The discolorations that follow acne outbreaks are referred to as Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation ( PIH) . This can occur in varying degrees and tends to affect darker skin more. Among other remedies ( chemical peels and  laser treatments ), topical tretinoic acid ( RetinA ) can help to restore healthy skin within several months. A nightly dose is recommended and be initiated with lower doses and increased as needed. As a health-care provider for a consultation.

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