What cream can a dermatologist recommend me for under eye bags and dark circles?

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Teamine Eye Products- Revision Skincare

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  • Teamine Concealer™ is a concealer and eye treatment in one. It is clinically proven to reduce dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles while it lightly conceals.  The formula comes in light, medium and dark. 
  • TeamineĀ® Eye Complex is an eye cream that my patients have found to be very effective in minimizing their dark circles.  Since there are numerous factors that lead to dark circles, such as allergies, genetics, age and lack of sleep. TeamineĀ® contains ingredients to address the many causes of dark circles.  I am very happy with the Teamine eye products and so are my patients.
  • You can find these products in medical professional offices.

New York Dermatologist

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