Is It Possible To Contour The Male Chest After Surgical Procedure To Remove Excess Gland Tissue?

How can a chest be contoured after excess gland tissue is removed via the nipple incision and not through vaser or lipo? I'm concerned that if surgeon performs only the surgical procedure, then a gap will be left in the chest that will look highly unnatural. The doctor I consulted with didn't suggest that lipo is the right option for me.

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Gynecomastia surgery

I was trained in both direct incision and liposuction for gynecomastia. My current practice is to use both in most patients. If you just directly excise there is a risk of a step off deformity with a sudden change in surface contour at the edges. Liposuction will give you a smoother transition at the outer edges of tissue removal. If you have significant gland tissue as opposed to fat this gland will usually not go up the liposuction tube so it has to be directly removed.

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Gynecomastia excision and preventing the appearance of a divit


The glandular tissue can be excised through a small incision without creating a depression or divit.  This is done by excising all of the glandular tissue and none of the normal tissue.  The deepest layer is closed with a few dissolvable sutures.  Liposuction of the periphery of your chest can be done to feather the edges but this can be skipped if the excision is done properly.

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Contouring with gynecomastia

Most of the time liposuction alone or liposuction in conjunction with a small areolar incision to excise some glandular tissue is all that is required. 10% of the time there is a severe amount of excess skin that required longer incisions to excise the skin and get a tight, flat result. The amount of redundant skin and excess glandular tissue will dictate which option is best.

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Gynecomastia should always be treated both with liposuction and with removal of breast tissue.


The periphery of the fullness is corrected with tumescent liposuction, and then the actual glandular tissue under the nipple is removed through a tiny incision in the nipple (essentially scar less).

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