Cheaper Treatment for Dark Circles Under the Eyes?

I'm 16 a year old Indian. I have really dark circles under my eyes. My mother has it so I think its genetic. However, now that I wear glasses its gotten worse and I have tried everything that i could possibly find, from home remedies to creams. So now I was thinking about a medical treatment, but I cannot afford it to be really expensive, because I have to pay through my allowance. So if any of you know treatment please help!!


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Dr. Elson has developed a vitamin A and vitamin K cream

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Dr. Melvin Elson in Tennessee for years has been tackling the problem of dark pigment around the eyes. Indeed, it is most common in certain parts of the world. Indian people have it, likewise, some Italian and Greek people and Middle Eastern inhabitants also.

Dr. Elson's prescription formula was successful for about 1/3 of the patients on whom we tried it. We did learn from that study that many patients did not use the medication long enough; three to four month trial is necessary.

The prescription is mixed by specialized compounding pharmacists.

Suggest looking up Dr. Elson's work and discussing with your skin doctor.

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