Can I donate body fat?

I'm curious to if I can donate body fat. I'm pretty obese and want to know if I can help someone in need. (I know it sounds stupid, why don't I just work out, but I do and eat healthy but it's a constant struggle) if I am able to where would I go and would cost money?

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Donate body fat

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To date there is no system available for you to donate fat to another person like you do blood. Each person has their own genetic individual variants that could cause problems if given to another person. It's a nice thought, though.


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There is no need for body fat or a way to store it outside the body for it to be of use to anyone. Sadly many people are terribly efficient at storing body fat themselves - often in places that make it dangerous to their health. Getting rid of body fat cannot be done by liposuction - not the body fat that matters.  Often they need the help of weight loss surgery to lose the weight and keep it off.

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