Will a Cadaver Implant Cause Disease?

Will having a cadaver implant cause any kind of changes to my body? Will i get characteristics or other traits or diseases that the donor had when he was still living?

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Will a Cadaver Implant Cause Disease?

There are strict guidelines governing the use of cadaverous tissue as donor grafts. Depending on the facility and the origin of the tissues, such donor are routinely tested for the most common communicable diseases and grafts may not be obtained from people with malignant disease. However, while the likelihood of getting any disease from such a source is extremely low it is never zero since human errors occasionally do occur. As a result, the best graft source is your own body.

Dr. Peter A Aldea 

Memphis Plastic Surgeon
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Cadaver implant?

Are you referring to a cadaver implant for the nose or for breast reconstruction?  Either way, they both are treated so there is not a problem with rejection or transmission of disease.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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