I Am Not Sure Whether to Get Breast Implants or Brazilian Butt Lift First, Suggestions?

I am thin now, but I will have to gain weight to get a brazilian butt lift, though Im not sure how much. I was wondering if it would make a difference if I were to get breast implants before this procedure. When I gain weight, I tend to gain it in my stomach but some also goes to my breasts. Will this affect the look of my breast implants after the brazilian butt lift? Will i have sagging breasts due to gaining and losing weight from them?

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Brazilian butt lift or breast augmentation first

I would recommend to have the brazilian butt lift first. For one due to the weight gains you need to go throw may effect your breasts the second reason is if you have the implants placed first there is always a chance of seeding them with bacteria from any procedure and in specific the buttocks area due to it being one of the least clean areas in the body.


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Gaining weight for Brazilian lift. -will it affect the breast ?

Hello, and thank you for your question.

I'd like to answer this in two parts.  With or without a breast implant when you gain or lose weight the breast will change its size.  If the that weight gain is dramatic it can make a significant difference on drooping or sagging of the breast when you lose the weight again.  Smaller weight changes will probably not make as much difference.

 I know that some surgeons recommend gaining weight so that there's more fat to harvest to put in the buttocks for a Brazilian butt lift.  As a plastic surgeon and Physician I think recommending that someone gain weight that they will have to lose again just for cosmetic procedure may not be in your overall best interest.  Gaining weight is easy, getting rid of it can be very hard.  I would much rather see you be healthy and maintain a balanced normal weight.

The other thing to consider is that when the fat cells are transferred into the buttocks only the ones that stay alive will ultimately give you fullness.  These cells will respond to weight gain weight loss as well.  So when you lose your weight again, if you can, you may lose some of the result.  

 If you don't have enough weight on you to make Brazilian but lift worthwhile you may want to consider buttock implants.


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