How to make acne scars disappear permanently? (Photo)

im a guy of 19 and i had many pimples since i was 19.Now my pimples are gone leaving its red scars on my both the cheeks.Inspite of applying many gels and creams there were no results.Now i want to get rid of them

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Red Elevated Scars from Acne

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These elevated red scars need to be removed through either lasering or excision. I prefer lasering them down. Along with this you have depressions and volume loss that can be corrected as well. We have a 5-7 step process that is done in about 2 hours that treats ice pick, box car, rolling and elevated scars. We have worked on treating all types of acne scars with this one treatment.

Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

Red scars and depressed scars

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You have a combination of scars currently on your face that need treatment.  A combination of lasers would be needed to best treat your skin.  The V-Beam would address the red marks, and the depressed scars would benefit from fillers.  The rest of the skin would be treated with eMatrix to help re-surface the texture of your skin.  Please consult an expert.  Best, Dr. Green

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