How to Get Rid of Crepey Arm Skin?

What to do to get rid of the crepeyness? I work out and am quite thin.

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"Crepy" arm skin options

The crepiness may have just as much to do with skin aging and laxity.

Over the counter you can try ammonium lactate 12% lotions (such as Amlactin) but this requires a lot of discipline

Rx options include Retin A (though you probably would only tolerate this every other day or several times a week)

In office options include glycolic peels and fractionated carbon dioxide laser treatments

All treatments are gradual and won't necessarily give you the same taut skin you had when you were younger

Santa Monica Dermatologic Surgeon

Crepey arm skin

By crepey I guess you mean excess upper arm skin without excess fat. This would be easier to answer if you had submitted a photo. Obviously liposuction will not help. If you pinch the skin within the armpit and see an improvement you may be a candidate for a modified brachioplasty which only involves removal of an ellipse of skin within the confines of the armpit. If the problem skin is elsewhere on the arm I would be reticent to cut it out as that would leave you with a more visible scar.

Aaron Stone, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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