Is Invisalign a good option for an adult female with severe TMJ and crooked teeth?

I lost my two front teeth as a child at the same time, however they came in at different times. As a result the 2nd tooth came in at an angle. I havent had braces i was always told it was just a cosmetic issue. Now as an adult I have developed severe tmj. I am unable to get my tmj treated. I was told that doing braces would fix my teeth and probably treat my tmj at the same time. I would like to do invisalgin. Is this a good option? Should i be considering braces at all?

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Crooked teeth and invisalign

Great question--the simple answer is that you won't know until treatment is completed how much your joint issues will resolve with the changes--it is not uncommon to see TMD and headache issues improve significantly with orthodontic care but that does not mean 100% improvement for everyone--and there are cases that worsen with this as well. See an orthodontist or dentist that is well versed in both TMJ and invisalign and they can assess and guide you. Good luck!

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