Reaction to salicylic acid? (Photo)

I have dry to normal combination skin. I had a small pimple on my forehead and I picked at it and And then applied some acne medicine. (Salicylic acid, I'm not sure the strength but it was mild) I did this for two days and on the third day I woke up in the whole surrounding area was bright red dry, and hard. I've tried moisturizing it, treating it with eyedrops which I read can remove redness , but nothing is working. I am going on a trip to Portugal in two days, what should I do?

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Salicyclic Reaction

Please do not pick at your pimples, it increases your chance of infection and permanent scarring. It looks as if the skin surrounding the pimple has been overly dried out from the salicylic you’ve applied. At this point, I would leave the pimple alone.  It will likely peel a little bit as it is healing.  If it persists after your trip, please consult a Board Certified Dermatologist in person who can help.

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