What is the best treatment for acne scars? (photos)

I am a 36 year old African american female, I am currently taking aldactone, minocycline and I just started birth control for my acne. I am hoping this will all work along with my skin regimine but what is good for the scarring? P.s. and inexpensive

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Taking care of acne scars in dark skin

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Hyperpigmentation is improved using hydroquinone. The scars are improved with Infini. It is not inexpensive but it is a long lasting correction.

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It would appear that most of your issue is Hyperpigmentation. I suggest you start with medical grade skin care such as ZO Skin Health Hyperpigmentation system with hydroquinone, along with retin A. Once on this for up to 18 consecutive weeks, cycle off the hydroquinone (it can be tapered) and onto a non HQ lightened such as Brightened. You should condition your skin in this way anyway before doing any energy based treatment such as laser or Radiofrequency.

The skin care regimen will also help reduce acne breakouts.


Lisa Vuich, MD

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