What to Do to Improve Skin Texture and Even Skin Tone?

Ive done 30% peels at home and see not much improvement I would like to improve my skin texture and get rid of uneven color. The peel at home isnt helping. Whats the next step. laser? obagi blue peel? co2?

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Your dermatologist

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I find that a comprehensive, individualzed skin program, designed by someone board certified in dermatology, which deals with the health of the skin is the best option. After that, the options might include less invasive procedures like Theraplex or Vitalize peels, SilkPeel, IPL, or more aggressive procedures like  Fraxel, or Active FX,  just to name a few. It all depends on your skin type, severity of condition and other factors your dermatalogist will discuss at consult. Good luck.

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