What acne scar do I have? What treatments are needed? (photos)

25 y/o asian oily skin, I had lots of acne in my teens and now left with acne scars that looks like holes. Are these ice pick scars? Hard to take a proper photo but the holes are very visible when one wear make up. What fillers (even heard that fillers can make scars deeper?) and Laser should I opt for? What's the side effects? I'm tired of spending money on products that doesn't work. What happens if I dont treat them? My dad who's 50 also had acne in his teens and his scars are very deep

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Options for acne scars that work

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I would recommend a combination protocol that includes Melarase creams, light chemical peels, Ematrix RF fractional, and Clear + Brilliant laser. 

Dr. Karamanoukian 
Los Angeles

EMatrix for Acne Scars

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eMatrix is a superior laser for acne scars.  It will take at least three sessions to see the best results to reduce these scars.  I am so impressed with this Laser to treat these scars.  Please be certain to consult an expert in these treatments. Best, Dr. Green

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